I call this, my newest page, my “Manila Not Vanila” page. Cuz, there is nothing vanila about my city!

I went to visit my friend who moved to the US last year. She moved with her family to a town called Ladue. (I started this blog so she could show her friends stuff about the Philippines and mostly Manila.)

Soooooo…Ladue. It is the most boringest place you have ever been in your life! Her family is making lots of money there and there are lots of people there who are rich, but it is NOT a good place for a young Filipino woman who wants to go out. (Unless you like to play golf at the early morning with old guys in baggy shorts).

So, when I got home to my city, I was sooooooo glad!

Manila is colorful, and full of smells and different people. I love my country and because I am not as good a writer and with English as this guy, I wanted to share his blog with you. It is called FilipiKnow and it has all kinds of amazing things about the Philippines in there. You will be interested and most surprized by what you read. You will understand us Pinoy better. And when you do read it you will agree with me that Manila is not vanila!