It is a new year and Ms. Asia needs new things. So, my mother and me, we go to Greenbelt to shop at Automatic Center to get some new stuff. Mostly what we need and want are not always the same.

My mother, she is looking for new appliances for her house. She is thinking she needs new dishwasher, new oven because all her appliances need repair. I live in an apartment I rent so I don’t worry about such things. I go thinking that I will look at the new phones and then, I see something I think I must have…it will make my life so much easier. What is it, you think?

Keurig drink maker
This Keurig drink maker can make your favorite drink for you and save you money.

Keurig Kold.           

Have you seen this? It is something new. It is like the Keurig that makes the coffee, but this one makes drinks. Pop drinks like Coke and Fanta, margaritas (but you have to add the tequila), sports drinks and waters with flavors added. There was not too much to choose from yet for drinks but I think over time there will most likely come more. I am hoping there will be more cocktail mixes to choose from. The things that worry me about it most are the price (kinda high) and the size. It is big and kinda heavy. I am not sure where it will go in my tiny apartment kitchen. But then I think about my friends coming by and I can make them all exactly what they want to drink.