I want to tell you my friends about my favorite veggie place to eat. It has an easy name to remember: Greens. It is found in Quezon City and I usually go there at least one time a week to have a good meal with my girlfriends. I still eat meat but there are some Filippino foods that I don’t want to eat so much. One of these is sisig. Sisig is a dish that uses the pig face and ears. I do not want to eat this, but the taste of sisig is very good. Well, at Greens Restaurant they make the sisig but there is absolutely no pig in it. Yes, it’s true!

There are other very good things to eat here, too. Like pasta dishes and all sorts of fresh green salads. They even have a fake chicken dish. You can check them out more yourself on their Facebook page.

If you decide to go down there, you might see me with my peeps.